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thanks to the following customers for their support over the years! !

we pay attention to every design and engineering details, and strive for perfection, so that each time exceed customer expectations!

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strict quality assurance | experienced team | customer information confidentiality | efficient management and control

detailed cooperation process

we pay attention to every design and engineering details, and strive for perfection, so that each time exceed customer expectations!

  • 01.pass on the drawing
  • 02.offer
  • an order
  • 04.machining
  • 05.deliver goods
  • 06.receiving and confirmation
  • why choose us

    we pay attention to every detail of the products, precision measurement quality assurance

  • no1 is strong and experienced
    focus on rapid prototyping for more than 20 years

    • kaiao mould was founded in 1995 and awarded as "key normal enterprise of shenzhen manufacturing informatization project".

    • more than 20 years of experience in engineering and technical personnel, more than 100 experienced technicians team.

    • 15 cnc high-speed machining centers, 2 sla laser forming machines, 4 vacuum injection molding machines and 2 rim forming machines.

  • no2 stable dimensional accuracy
    high precision and high efficiency processing is the prerequisite to ensure quality

    • cnc machining accuracy 0.05mm/100mm; vacuum coating 0.1mm/100mm; rim processing 0.2 mm / 100 mm

    • strict quality control, checked by merchandiser technicians, production team leaders, department supervisors, qc inspectors and technical engineers.

    • equipped with 2 cmm ternary dimensional measuring machines to provide necessary product inspection and quality assurance while providing dimensional basis for process control.

  • no3 quickly designs response results for customers
    customer demand-oriented production control

    • inquiry and quotation, feedback within 4 hours; respond to design changes 24 hours a day and respond to solutions within 1 hour;

    • after-sales service, arrive within 8 hours in shenzhen and 24 hours in shenzhen.

    • all documents and information entering kaiao will be encrypted in real time. it is strictly prohibited to disclose technical data of customers, so as to provide you with safe and reliable information protection.

  • no4 is developed by american experts themselves
    keo's research and development is carried out under the guidance of international consultants

    • bradlee, from the united states, has 20 years of experience working with designers and engineers around the world to lead the internationalization of our manufacturing processes and management.

  • about us
    about us
    company profile
    shenzhen kaiao mould technology co., ltd.

    shenzhen kaiao mould technology co., ltd. (formerly known as shenzhen yinhua rapid mould manufacturing co., ltd.), founded in 1995, is located in aohua industrial zone, dalanghuarong road, longhua town, bao'an district, shenzhen, with a plant area of 3000 square meters. kaiao company is a leading supplier of rapid prototyping in china. it is committed to providing customers with solutions for the verification and trial production of new products in the design stage and small batch production of plastic parts. it makes continuous efforts to shorten the trial production cycle and save the development cost.

    the original of koh company is the first chinese mainland joint venture to apply and promote rpm technology.


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