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a two day trip to heyuan

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in july, tourism becomes the main theme of summer, and kaiao is no exception. on july 19, 2014, the company started a two-day tour of heyuan. in order to let everyone enjoy the pleasure o...
in july, tourism becomes the main theme of summer, and kaiao is no exception. on july 19, 2014, the company started a two-day tour of heyuan.

in order to let everyone enjoy the pleasure of tourism, the first day's trip is specially arranged in wanlv valley, which is famous for its original ecology. look, under the blue sky, the lake water is as transparent as a mirror, and the vast virgin forests on both sides bring fresh air. it's like a paradise in the world. look, the air rafting that you can't miss after mountain tour can still make you linger. at this moment, we are big children! as the saying goes, "real mountain, real water and real hot spring", besides returning to nature, the indispensable activity is hot spring. after dinner, although it was dark, we went to yeyuan hot spring, a health resort, for leisure and entertainment. we didn't go back to the hotel to have a rest until more than nine o'clock.

is this the legendary paradise?

big kids playing in the water

night fell, still support

the most interesting is the next day's trip to fuyuan fruit farm. here, we are not only colleagues, but also a family! as the most professional handicraft model and rapid prototyping factory at home and abroad, kaiao has nearly 20 years of experience and hard work, which can not be separated from mr. chen's personal work, and also can not be separated from the close cooperation of new and old employees. we are united in work and life. if you don't believe it, please take a look at how we experience the pastoral fun in an orderly way, and how we work together to have a unique picnic in an orderly way!

一before waiting for everyone to sit down in turn, the enthusiastic boss brought plates of pitaya to the table, and introduced in detail the rarest variety of pitaya, red heart pitaya. because heyuan ranked first in the air quality of the country in 2011, and the orchard is located at the foot of guishan mountains, with excellent water quality, so we are forced to eat it after tasting can't wait to enter the orchard to visit the first-class air, first-class soil organic cultivation of fruit is how to grow out.

red heart pitaya base - take some home

don't steal!

after visiting the orchard, we arranged the group according to the schedule, and the group leader assigned their work. then we began to have a busy lunch. all the ingredients of chinese food are provided by the orchard. chickens, ducks and fish are caught and killed now. we need to deal with them by ourselves. of course, this arduous task is undertaken by the team leader and experienced people. some of the rest go to the orchard to pick vegetables, some to choose and wash vegetables, some to brush the pot and wash the basin, and some to start a fire. everything is so orderly that the children come to join in the fun do what you can before you know it, the first dish has already been freshly cooked. mr. chen is still directing the battle here, and someone nearby has begun to steal it under the temptation of delicious food with complete color, fragrance and taste. before long, each group prepared a large table full of food. everyone sat around and enjoyed the delicious food. they talked about life and work. from time to time, there were happy laughter in the orchard!

the two-day itinerary was full. everyone said that this activity not only enriched the spare time life of the employees, but also made everyone closer to each other in such a relaxed environment as beautiful scenery and delicious food. it made everyone more passionate to devote themselves to the future work, and made the enterprise more cohesive. i believe shenzhen kaiao will have a better tomorrow!