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pubdate:2021-04-27 17:23:29hits:82

就在刚刚(2021年4月27日 16:19 )看到了凯奥市场部微信群业务蒋经理分享的好消息,上周出货的订单202102038得到了客户的满意反馈,并表示了对凯奥工程质量人员的忠心感谢。能得到客户这么满意的评价,是对凯奥致力...

just now (16:19, april 27, 2021) i saw the good news shared by manager jiang of wechat business group of kaiao marketing department. the order 202102038 shipped last week has received satisfactory feedback from the customer, and i expressed my sincere thanks to the quality personnel of kaiao engineering. to get such a satisfactory evaluation from the customer is the biggest encouragement to the people of kaio who are committed to every link and focus on doing things. good for kaio people! roll up our sleeves to work harder

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