the first key of handplate treatment: numerical control mill treatment

hand, which is the core of the industrial technology products, is a standard form of all kinds of industrial machinery and equipment processing technique, and standard is quite important role in real life, such as a lot of home appliance products used in the family life, television sets, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, as well as the daily work in the use of mobile phones, telephones, fax machines, computers, printers, etc., these are all need to do a hand to produce the finished product, and the social vehicles, such as various types of car accessories, door plate, lights, engine, bumper, dashboard, the steering wheel, etc.

cnc milling machining that we usually say cnc machining. it includes two parts: programming and operation. the two points and combined, combined and divided, is the need for division of labor and cooperation, the emphasis is on the spirit of cooperation.

programming part of the work is the need to process the hand plate workpiece structure design, setting the mechanical system, editing processing mode, processing area, processing procedures, design procedures, is a work arrangement.

machine operation part of the work is to need to process the workpiece on the table after the hand plate on the machine tool, pressure plate, table, sub-center, on the knife, control panel coordinate exchange, and computer transmission program, start processing automatic execution, is an execution work.

programming and operating machine can be separated, both independent work, but there must be connected, for machining parts machining, several points, points against the knife, datum plane direction, linking piece position, as well as the processing of spindle speed adjustment, the adjustment of the feeding speed, the replacement of wear and tear on the blade, the need to account.

in handplate processing, numerical control mill processes a part, it is the first processing working procedure, so we call it the key that handplate processes, master this link only, ability is the manual part after more smooth. for the handplate company, to control the delivery of the first important link is to control the cnc milling part. only in this way can we ensure a stable delivery time and quality of the whole company.