cnc precision machining

cnc precision machining

cnc(computer numerical control) hand model is a combination of computer aided design (cad), computer aided manufacturing (cam), computer numerical control (cnc) and other advanced technologies, the three-dimensional data model formed on the computer, from the whole piece of material cutting mining. after a clamping workpiece, the digital control system can control the machine tool according to different processes, automatic selection and replacement of cutting tools, automatically change the spindle speed, feed and the cutting tool relative to the workpiece trajectory and other auxiliary function, in order to complete a few more process on the surface of workpiece machining, the machining process is automatically controlled by the program, and is not affected by the operator of human factors.

cnc hand plate processing method: generally, the workpiece is processed on the upper and lower sides, under special circumstances, the workpiece will be processed on three, four, five or six sides. in the process of processing, we will retain the workpiece around the edge of the basket viscose water, with the edge of the basket bone on the workpiece fixed, pour gypsum on the workpiece positioning, processing the workpiece and cnc worktable will not have a bonding effect, better ensure that the workpiece will not be processed out of shape and the workpiece material level accurate. additional, gesso is the auxiliary material with indispensable in handplate processing. the cavity surface has been hollowed out and the wall thickness of the product is generally thin during turning processing. therefore, the phenomenon of thin wall shaking will occur during processing, which has a great impact on the appearance of the product. filling the gypsum is equivalent to adding the support, which will make the processing will not appear thin wall shaking, to ensure the processing effect.

cnc handplate processing plastic materials: abs (imported, domestic, black, flame retardant, etc.), pom (steel), pmma (acrylic), pa (nylon), pc, pp, bakwood. metal materials: aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper and so on.

advantages of cnc hand plate model: fast processing speed, low cost, can achieve high machining accuracy. moreover, the wide selection of materials can ensure the consistency of the material of the hand model and the mass production of parts. strong sense of reality, surface quality can reach a very high level, in the polishing, polishing, sandblasting, painting, silk screen, uv, electroplating and other follow-up processing, the production effect can be compared with the mold production products, or even higher.

kaiao company has introduced a number of japanese fanuc high-speed machining center, the highest speed of the equipment is 24000 rpm, processing accuracy up to 0.05mm. it is especially suitable for the realization of structural functional templates with high precision, high strength and large size.