development of the handplate model
column:industry dynamic time:2017-09-20

the production of handplate model should be exquisite, which requires beautiful appearance and generous, without internal defects, which requires fine, precise and high-quality handplate model to adapt to. at present we are in fine fine respect difference is very big, fine fine often is ignored, work falls short.

rapid and efficient production, on the one hand, it requires the hand model enterprises to shorten the production cycle of the hand model as far as possible, and deliver the hand model to the hand model users as soon as possible. on the other hand, it is more important for users to use the hand model you provide to quickly and efficiently produce products. at the same time, the intelligent forming process also requires an intelligent hand model to adapt.

low cost, this is not only through the design, processing and assembly of the production of the model to achieve the low cost of production and supply of the model, the more important is to enable users of the model to use the model to achieve the low cost of production. this puts forward a higher requirement to the handplate model. handboard model manufacturer must make handboard model user make money first, ability makes him money next. in the process of requiring low cost, it is the common requirement, progress and development direction of enterprises to continuously improve management and gradually realize information management for both manufacturers and enterprises using hand models.

high quality, to achieve high quality products, first of all must be a high quality hand model, hand model stability must be good, to ensure the consistency of products is also good, but also to ensure the life. high quality hand models are closely related to technology.

in addition to the above points, many new fields, emerging industries, new products and personalized requirements will also put forward new requirements for the handplate model. so the trend itself is evolving.

from the perspective of the development trend of science and technology, the development trend of handplate model can be analyzed from the following six basic aspects:

new material -- hand plate model new material and new hand plate model for forming new material of product

new process -- new forming process and new process of hand mold processing

new technology -- technological progress drives the production of handplate model to develop to the direction of ultra-high speed, ultra-precision and highly automation

informatization -- digital production, informatization management and full use of it technology

network -- integrate and make good use of the global network

circular economy and green manufacturing create as much value as possible with as few resources as possible, including recycling and environmental protection, etc.