some differences in processing between 3d printing handplate and cnc handplate
column:industry dynamic time:2017-06-20

at present, the hand plate models on the market can be roughly divided into 3d printing hand plate,cnc hand plate, duplicate mold, reverse transcription and other categories. but the most commonly used is the 3d printing hand plate and cnc hand plate processing. ok, now that we have these two categories, let's see what the difference is.

before popularizing the difference between 3d printing handplate and cnc handplate processing, let's make a brief introduction.

what is a hand model? many people may not know, the hand is the first plate (also called hand do guangdong area), simply is the drawings (3 d model figure, good oh, it is 3 d stereogram, not 2 d floor plan) designed need by 3 d printing or cnc processing after first do a sample check appearance and function structure, it fits the assembly, function make sure those goals are met, the parameter is in line with the requirements, etc, so as to avoid direct cavity is not good to modify and save costs.

why do we need hand models? because the product research and development or design needs to do hand plate, hand plate model is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product, is the most direct and effective way to detect the defects, shortcomings, disadvantages of the product, so as to improve the defects. 3d printed handboards and cnc handboards are common means of handboard model making. so how can we make use of their advantages?

differences and advantages of 3d printed handplate /cnc handplate processing handplate model:

1. material comparison

3d printing hand plate: extremely high material utilization rate, no waste, material requirements;

cnc hand plate: material utilization is not high, waste, but there are many kinds of materials can be processed;

2. processing comparison

3d printing hand plate: it can process all kinds of complex curved surfaces and special-shaped structures, and complete the processing in one time;

cnc hand plate: complex parts need to be processed many times, need to split programming workload, late manual is more complex;

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3. cost comparison

3d printing handplate:

(1) with its own driver software, it can be made quickly without professional training;

(2) multiple parts can be processed at one time without manual duty;

(3) the accuracy is not very high, no processing errors;

cnc hand-board:

(1) professional programmers and computer operators are required;

(2) only one part can be processed at a time, with high labor cost;

(3) there will be operating errors or improper clamping.

mastered the 3 d printing panel/cnc hand-board processing hand-board model proofing, difference and merits can be well understood by the different of the two, in the process of practical application, may be appropriately according to their own product demand to choose exactly how to hand-board model proofing, choose the right way, to reduce the standard cost and error rate of the enterprise.

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