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rim manufacturing reaction injection molding

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reaction injection molding (rim) is a new technology used in the production of rapid tooling products. it mixes two-component polyurethane materials and injects them into the rapid tooling a...

scope of application:

small batch production, large panel with simple structure, large thick wall and uneven wall thickness products, automobile large enclosure, medical equipment shell, high-quality speaker, furniture & amp; sanitary ware with free design, packaging of electronic products.

reaction injection molding (rim) is a new technology applied to the production of rapid tooling products. it mixes two-component polyurethane materials and injects them into the rapid tooling at room temperature and low pressure. the products are formed by chemical and physical processes such as polymerization, crosslinking and curing of the materials.
kaiao high efficiency, short cycle, low cost project operation, can provide you with the right rim processing solutions in time, and ensure fast delivery.

we are committed to improving our products and services to satisfy our customers.

another strategic pillar of kaiao's continuous success is to cooperate closely with our material suppliers with its professional rim forming technology, and closely coordinate the application technology of innovative materials so as to provide our customers with ideal polyurethane product solutions tailored to their needs.

simple and fast molding process:

compared with the injection molding of thermoplastic, rim molding has the advantages of low temperature, low injection pressure, less energy consumption, and simple mold and simple process, which makes it more economic and efficient. compared with other thermosetting plastics, rim has higher automation, shorter production cycle and higher commercialization efficiency.

in particular, compared with the blister or plate bonding process, rim process gives designers a broader modeling space. the surface details of a-class curved parts and beautiful decorative lines, the integrity of product structure and different wall thickness design, as well as the accuracy and stability of manufacturing are unmatched by blister or bonding process.

professional, low cost rapid mold design and manufacturing

because the injection pressure required for molding is very low, the heat of the product in the mold is relatively small, which is the main reason that rim mold can choose to use low-cost materials. in fact, kaiao can process various sizes and uses of aluminum alloy mold or abs mold, as well as epoxy resin or frp mold. our engineers will be customer-oriented, according to your specific needs to provide professional technical advice and the best solution, and complete the mold cavity, parting surface, main channel, exhaust system, cooling system, including all the mold design and manufacturing, all of these rapid response only takes more than ten days or even a few days.

polyurethane products with both design and function

kaiao's customized polyurethane products perfectly combine your free design with the excellent functions of the products. whether you need to find an ideal and cost-effective material, which can reproduce the almost endless design possibilities, we can provide a satisfying solution.

it has excellent properties of high strength, high elongation, strong weather resistance, and can increase the mechanical properties and impact resistance of products by adding fillers, glass fiber and other composite materials. it is suitable for high-performance components meeting harsh use conditions, such as automobile enclosure, construction machinery, etc.

hard, semi hard and soft self formed foam similar to sandwich structure, providing optional density of 500-1200kg/m, foaming core and strong outer margin, giving the product super light weight and super high surface hardness. it provides a safe, comfortable, energy saving and environmental friendly material for humanized products such as medical devices, automotive interior decorations or game machines.

it has enough strength and wear resistance, excellent oil resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and is suitable for household appliances insulation, sanitary ware and other polyurethane products. in addition, it has the advantages of good insulation, low water absorption, good shock absorption, strong adhesion with metal and other materials, no corrosion, and can be operated at room temperature, so it is an ideal coating material for electronic and electrical products.

free design and curved surface modeling with different wall thickness from 4 to 20 mm, accurate reproduction of high-quality surface details, meet the requirements of picky coating, and achieve the effect of piano paint. these make wood no longer the most accurate material to express the range and texture, and make polyurethane the ideal material for high-quality speakers and new generation furniture.

making large thin wall panel

rich experience in mold design and manufacturing, accurate flow and curing control of reaction molding, combined with the excellent fluidity of polyurethane materials, make it possible for kaiao to manufacture high hardness and high strength mold with wall thickness of only 3-6 mm, and the ratio of wall thickness to flow length is unmatched by thermoplastic. in addition, the solid combination with metal fasteners (such as prefabricated screw sleeve) provides excellent stability and functionality for the whole shell, making the production of large and complex parts more economical.

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