hand plate model making process

the production process of handplate model mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) from the perspective of industrialization: it is a process of transforming patterns of industrial design into real patterns.

(2)cad design: in simple terms, after the product design is completed, in order to verify the correctness of the design, cnc machining is the main way to make the same sample as the product.

commonly, the hand plate is usually made through cnc machining center, and the 3d drawing is programmed into the cnc machining center for processing. it can also be made by laser rapid prototyping.

most of the materials are photosensitive resin, in the role of light layer by layer accumulation process, high precision.

now most of the handboards are cnc machining centers. the detailed production process is as follows:

i. programming: the programmer analyzes the 3d data and writes the programming language to control the cnc machining center;

2. cnc processing: input the finished program language into the computer control processing center to execute program commands;

iii. manual processing: sort out the processed products. the main contents include: proofreading data, removing burrs, bonding, polishing, etc.

4. surface treatment: finish all kinds of surface effects in the renderings, such as painting, silk screen printing, electroplating, special radium carving, anodic oxidation, wire drawing, etc.;

five, assembly: after processing is to conduct data detection of assembly problems, need to test assembly before surface treatment;

vi. packaging: packaging of the products inspected for final products