the price that makes medical treatment hand plank is how many
column:industry dynamic time:2017-09-05

in the stage of product research and development, the hand plate plays a key role in determining the result of your new product research and development. the main purpose is to verify whether the design of the product meets the requirements for use.

in the process of talking with customers, we may ask what is the price of making medical hand board? the accurate quotation can be given to the customer in the case of 3d drawings. the price cannot be evaluated without 3d drawings. in addition to providing 3d drawings, please also explain the production requirements of the handplate.

for example: material, quantity, processing method and some hand surface treatment technology; all these will affect the price of the handplate. as long as these materials are ready to be provided to the handplate factory, the price of the handplate can be quickly evaluated for you.

if you use 3d printing to make handboards, you don't need to provide drawings for quotation. you just need to know the weight of the handboards. the price of 3d printing is calculated by weight (how much per gram). however, 3d drawings must be provided.