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118 responses to “[Rumors] MTS MBlaze Hacks for Free Internet Without Recharge”

  1. Kutta

    you are making chootiya of others with such crap n imaginary post. filing google spam report for your blog.

    1. JANKI

      HI DUDE



    2. ankan das

      please tell me how can i do this.

      1. rehan

        go for beam broadband
        there r several hacking tricks to increase downloading speed

  2. raju

    I Raju from Patna. I wanting to ask you why this work for me only once? I try a lot of time, but download start and hang at 15%. Thankyou in advance.

  3. Vishal

    Bro. I tried this trick. It worked 4-5 times for me. Many times MTS also offers one free day of unlimited usage. At the end of the day, it all depends on your luck.

  4. shahid khan

    I wanted to ask that which torrent downloader we can use for this miracle

  5. shahid khan

    and sir,
    can you explain the first trick nicely i actually didnt get it

    thank you

  6. Karan

    I tried this trick a lot but it did not work for me. I am doing something wrong. Have to see again.

  7. bumba

    i have a trick,which worked for me several time.but it is a trick of getting speed after the usage of 12gb in the unlimited(999) pack.i am under good network utorrent max download speed i get is around 200kb/s.

    after 12gb usage u’ll not get more than 25kB/s in utorrent.but sometime i manage to get more speed.i dont know,is it only happening in my ip or my port but i am sharing what i did. torrents with max seeders.
    2.change some necessary settings in utorrent.(u’ll get information in youtube) the important thing.TRY TO RUN UTORRENT AND CONNECT MBLAZE SIMULTANEOUSLY.try to repeat the step few more time if it dont work.i also get 50% success rate.If in the beginning the mblaze application speed crosse 350kb/s mark,it will gain more speed and never fall back.

    it seems to me immediately after connection when a tracker try to suck more speed fro data modem isp by mistake provide u a high speed server.

    believe me this little funny trick work for me and i am happy to discover it.if this trick don’t work on ur modem,pls don’t blame me.there may other reason which i overlooked.

    1. bheem

      yaar you tube par kon si etting hai vo bhi bata do ya seach me kya type karna hai

    2. S.Sai Mohan

      Hey,Thanks for sharing.I am in Tamilnadu and using Rs.798 (5GB Fair usage policy).I spent the 5GB and the speed was annoying.Can you help me suggesting any trick for increasing the speed from 144Kbps to atleast 800Kbps.I tried opne vpn,sathikvpn with different config files .Everythings connects but the speed doesnt increase.So Please tell me any tricks that could increase the speed of my Mblaze?.

  8. wanted banna

    I tried this trick and it is working for me! I am thankful to you for this hack. I have heard a lot about this but could not get it working until now.

  9. anukant mlm software india

    hi guys .. i m using mts mblaze ..but not now…don’t we have any hack or trick by which we can use mblaze or anyone know how to unlock mts to use other sim i.e like MTNL 3 G sim….

  10. wellknown

    Hi Guys, I did try this trick last year in May, 2010 and kept on enjoying free on MTS till Jan. 31. Meanwhile I recharged it once for 1month only. But From 1st Feb. it didn’t work at all. I know the possible reason that it needs an unlimited plan to be purchased, then n thereafter only u will b able to enjoy free internet for another month. All u hv to do is to connect it several times n keep on checking Google Page every time u connect.

    1. I wann know

      Can u explain that a little more properly as could not understand waht exactly u meant ?

  11. Hack the world

    Hey Guys, Its working for me too. But not everytime… sometime my luck is good. so keep trying and enjoy the free world of hacking…

  12. irfan

    for downloading one song from songs pk it takes 1 hour great network, how to download movies yaaar

  13. suman das

    After using the MTS for last one week here is my feedback..

    19th june the dealer:( mr anrindam day) show the demo in my house it gives me 90 to 100 kbps.. I was very happy to see that decided to go for MTS.. I bought the MTS stranded modem the same day.

    The dealer said I always need to set it to broadband mode so I did it. the first day I got 20kbpc in birati area( tower shows full) at 7pm and till midnight it was same ..
    the 2nd day morning for 30 min it gives me 70 kbpc and after that throughout the day I was 20 to 30 kbpc to different part of kolkata.. I tested near dumdum airport, salt lake sec-5 area, rajarhat.. all same.. I made a complain the same day to MTS customer care.. I received a call the very next day from them , I describe the issues to that guy and wow he said ” server pe pani gir gaya thats why slow hai” lol..

    very bad experience and its force me to believe that wireless connection cannot be good..\
    I may through the USB MODEM and continue use alliance broadband which always gives me 70 kbpc fixed ..

    My final verdict is if you buy MTS please check your coverage area and purpose .. If u upto just checking emails then u can go mfor it.. but if you are for movide, music or any kind of download then NEVER BUY MTS..

    I am Suman Das,

    I forgot to mention on my previous post.. my complain number is JUN-439303

  14. ravi

    What all is happening here in comments? How many people got it working?

    1. PRANAV

      Dear, MTS stands for Most Thanda Service of the country.
      So Maximum Tension Served from MTS to all subscriber including me.

      1. I wanna know

        HAHAHA!!!LOved dat!!

  15. ashok kmar

    how can i get free data from MTS Mblaze (huawei)

    1. JOY DEEP

      modem ko subah 7 baje ubalte pani mein namak k saath 5 min. tak sijhna……………phir net connect karna.

  16. bobby d

    20 gb of data in 10 days but ab no more connections

    1. JOY DEEP

      get DADY’S



  18. tiger

    dont ever recharge mts for the secont time .. the download speed is 10kpbs in the max.. dont b a fool doing it..!

  19. saqlain

    i am user mts i like its speed 2mbps and more

  20. shaktimaan

    Finally got this tip working on my computer.

  21. a

    i cant unlock my idea net setter
    i do all activities says here
    then the unlock is succesfull
    but when i put other sim with out idea the message

  22. TechGuru

    This trick is a trivial one. It is not working for one of my friends but it is working for me. I think it is the network towers. Some support this hack, others don’t.

  23. assish

    Nice trick. Not working for me though!

  24. JOY DEEP

    i know a better trick to forget the count of 12GB high speed internet ………with MRP999
    we all MBLAZE users knows that with MRP999 we can have 30GB of surfing and in between upto 12GB will be in broadband speed…………………..
    let me tell you something ………….. recharge you MBLAZE after 10 in the month….. surf you all 11-12GB (for preference 11.5GB is better) by 29th of the month………….then would like to request you please don’t think to use it before 2nd of the month………… and see the MAGIC…………..till your expiry of the last recharge…………..and forget the count of 12GB………… start counting …………….
    FOR 30GB.


    1. JOY DEEP

      sooch kar v ajib lagta hein ki
      INDIA mein 2MBPS speed k liye log…. kya kya khojte hein………….. aur bahar videsh mein………..GOOGLE…….khud ka ………90MBPS…….net launch kiya hein

  25. bunty

    if u are great hacker make some program to hack mts dogel .. koi hai great sarp mind

    1. bheem

      aacha yaad dilaya bunty ji

    2. max

      i have a program. 500 rs for it. Lyftym free downloads. Free updates

  26. Vipul

    I’m in kyrgyzstan/osh,
    Operator: beeline kg, ; +996779868731
    Model : nokiaE63,
    Plz tell me how i can use free internet on my phone?

  27. Himanshu Negi

    I am very happy with mts data card. I am in Delhi at rohini and its maximum speed is around 2000 Kbps and average is 200 Kbps. I am glad to use it. I prefer recharge of 648 with 1 GB unlimited and I do day + night surfing but it’s enough to serve it’s purpose ! ;)

    1. PRANAV

      Are you employee of MTS?

  28. pessy

    hey guyz …i got lil idea but i dont know if it is working or not….actually when im recharged the 999 pack…im browsing with the ip 168. something but when my fup is over,the ip starts with 180.
    so is there any method that we can note that username and password and create a new profile with new ip ????
    dont blame me..i just caught it by surprise/……reply me

  29. Ramesh

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    ? 1300 Rs – 5 GB for One month with device
    ? 1600 Rs – Unlimited for One month with device
    ? 2000 Rs – 5 GB each for 1st Three months with device

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    ? Speed upto 3.1 Mbps
    ? Fastest uploads at a speed to upto 1.8 Mbps
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  30. Simranjot singh

    if any1 wants to buy MTS data card with best plans in pune

    can call 9145310828

  31. ravinder

    mts recarge plan is big and we donot recarge it so it give us extra plan

  32. bheem

    friends mts jb kuch jb us kr lete hai to speed kyu km ho jati hai plezz reply

  33. RAMESH


    * City: DELHI
    * State: Uttar Pradesh
    * Country: India

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    RAMESH 9990617450

  34. RAMESH

    If student and employee wana good service for MTS DATA CARD (MTS Mblaze) in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon @ 9136422500, 9990617450

    Prepaid Plans -

    ? 1300 Rs – 5 GB for One month with device
    ? 1600 Rs – Unlimited for One month with device
    ? 2000 Rs – 5 GB each for 1st Three months with device

    Features -
    ? Plug & Play enabled
    ? Speed upto 3.1 Mbps
    ? Fastest uploads at a speed to upto 1.8 Mbps
    ? Micro SD card slot for data storage
    ? Stylish swivel modem for flexible usage

  35. srikanth

    do u want to see aishwarya rai nude pics

  36. Smart Soham

    first open free acess for mts india
    then open
    site will be open…..U see URL block………enter any site…..and enjoy unlimited mts internet


    1. Youthap

      kudos to you soham
      only one guy has gt some wits or brains in this whole forum…
      when mts recharge gets over dont recharge
      connect the mbrowse or mblaze
      it will connect and assign an ip address but will open blank web pages
      apart from mts india default website..
      in ur address type
      voila ,,, it will open
      but no joy after that

      1. Youthap

        got the final solution
        got to the network setting of your browser
        assign as the proxy ip and the port as 80
        then open
        google will open,,,,
        search ur desired site in google and click on the result dont enter anything in the address bar
        10000000 % working and tested solution


      2. naga

        how many days can we use this?

      3. abhimanyu

        wtf, @all don’t cleck this link, its actually a hacking trick, cuz if u do, it will send ur ip address 2 this guy email id, i know these kinda trick, u motherucker son of osama bin laden bitch, stop doing shitty things, i’ll hack ur computer anyway, u motherfucker,

  37. Madscientists

    hi there

    Any usb wireless can be hacked or used for free .. there are stuff im using which are totally free and i dont a penny for that …

    its so simple like we should set proxy any thing which is free on the web in ur browser setting the proxy and then u can vist the related or the recommended url and there below u find a text box type ur desired site and browse for free

    Note ; ur wireless must be in validity prepaid cust try after bal is zero and
    Postpaid cust Dont try this … it may add in ur bill

    and only problem is u cant download rapidshare and fileshare and youtube facebook yahoomail, any video

    but can download all wallpapers gmail, mirror download mp3 etc …

    this is for suggestion is Only for Students who dont have money to buy plans ,…

    if u have money use it to buy plan leagally … this is advice i can give … its up to u…

    1. naga

      but kindly explain it clearly…….. step by step……

  38. jol

    MTS sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Abhishek

    Teri maa ka chodey bhodsariwala Sala Chutiya banata hai bey…….Tu mil na tere to May MTS ki net pack me chod dunga

  40. Prince

    HI tataphone whiz kasa hang hoga

    my email

  41. metal gear solid snake !!!

    tum sab log chutiya ho !! bhakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mts

  42. metal gear solid snake !!!

    yaaroooooo !!!!!!!! mts kuch jaga achaa chalta hai !!!! and kuch jagah slow chalta hai!!! isliye lene se pehle reasearch reasearch and research karoooooo !!!!! but never ask the mts dealer about the speed !!!!! sala woh toh hamesha hi bolega !! bahot badiya hai sir jiii !! le lo !!!!

  43. Rohit

    I m using free with MTS Mblaze by tunneling software
    Dont try in postpaid in postpaid dont recharge after end of monthl pack and use tunneling software

    1. MANISH

      Bro, don’t tell people, otherwise your speed will go down when everyone starts using for free! :P

    2. kalyan

      Friend, please tell me about the software, how to use mts for free.

  44. prince

    please help me to browse for free with my modem

  45. Er.Durgesh(Software Engineer)

    All the above are just a fool one and making others fool.. to hack any network for free browsing You must know APN(access point name), dialup number, private user_name and password too. If any one need help to increase his/her internet connectivity speed mostly for mobile to pc users can get the benefit from my website ( May the software which u can download over there are corrupt or not for use but you can download from internet by knowing their names and uses.

    For details must visit and give comments to my email which is posted on website

    1. abhimanyu

      look,dude u don’t know a thing about hacking,wen u hack through modem u don’t need APN or personnel pass, ur not hacking some1 computer dude, its just ur borrowing his/her speed,u don’t need these stuff, ur a idiot, ur trying 2 promote ur website,i bet u don’t even know a ethical hacking tricks,

  46. MNR

    Guys, contact me on my mail id for your queries regarding unlocking your MTS MBlze Premium modem of ZTE make. i.e. AC2766

    I will do remote unlocking of your modem. So now you need not to send me your modem via courier and hence saving in time & money plus safety of your modem.

    For this you need internet connection of good speed with your system (other than your mblaze) and team viewer software installed on it. I can do this only on Saturday or Sunday only because during weekdays I am having hectic schedule.

    Unlocking cost is Rs.700 (online or offline bank transfer to my central bank of india account) and along with this I will also provide you another dialer software for your mblaze, so after inserting OMH SIM in it you can check out that whether modem is receiving signals or not and the most important thing is that it is not available anywhere in the market. :D

    So your effective cost for unlocking comes at Rs.500 only. total cost of Rs.700 = Rs.500 unlocking + Rs.200 for dialer. Any charges for transferring amount to my bank account will have to be born by the buyer.

    If you just want this dialer software then it will cost you Rs.300 only.

    If you still feel that cost is higher than it is slightly negotiable for the really interested and needy buyer. :)

  47. Stranger

    Dude, this is not a “hack” lol…it is just a bug. Should learn the difference.

  48. rafiq

    yes,I would like to unlock my mts blaze modem help me to follow….

  49. Ashok

    nice think my site also have mts mblaze tricks chinmoy plz visit.

  50. rahul

    i m using mts for over a month….dont know about the hack.
    but i discovered one thing they are making fool of us .
    on the cover page,i.e where we connect the device they show high speed but in my torrent or idm the speed is different:

    want to know ,what is the difference!…:ITS AN DECIMAL SHIFT ,EXAMPLE IF COVER PAGE IS SHOWING 1000kbps,than your torrent will show 100kbps.

    i wana know is the same is hapeening with any one else or i m the only victim???
    please let me know soon,or try it and discover it

    if its true than its a matter of shame for the whole mts firm ,we can claim on it.


    1. Avinash

      No Rahul..Its displaying speed in BITS not in BYTES…and 1byte=8bits…Whatever the speed shown in their software, divide it by 8..u’ll get the speed shown in torrent..because torrent shows download speed in BYTES.. Their 3.1mb speed means…3.1mega bits..thats nearly 396KB per sec..I hope it helped you….

  51. khan


  52. khan


  53. ashok

    How i can unlock my MTS Mblaze Modem for uses CDMA SIM Cards…
    Plz, Give Me Unlocker Software…

  54. MANISH

    i am using mts free…soo much happy after a long tym to hack this fuckin mts

    1. Avinash

      In which state do u live? It was working in Karnataka, but now its not.

      1. MANISH

        yes i am still using free

  55. IRSHAD

    Give me information about how to hack mts mblaze to use unlimited internet witout recharging

    1. Nick

      i know it lol i can help u

  56. Avinash

    And guys now the hack is not working…They have fixed it…Now when u connect without recharging your MTS…whatever website u try to is redirected to RECHARGE IT page… If someone knows how to hack this please describe …

  57. sunlight

    can use unlimited without pay any bill.

  58. Kapil

    can u help me that how can i hack mts mblaze in rajasthan

  59. srikarreddy

    can any one help me in using MTS MBLAZE prepaid lifelong without any recharge.
    my product expires on 2037 and i am living in hyderabad, andhra pradesh.

  60. salman

    Hey! I have MTS Mblaze, and I cannot use it even after recharging! Please help me.

  61. rakesh kumar

    yes i have tried and it is working but the speed is slow . I put my computer on in night on that day my mts was suppose to expire. I used one extra day . I use above Technic . let see how many days i am going to use it.

  62. atul kumar

    Can anyone help me with this? I want to convert my MTS MBlaze to GSM or CDMA.

  63. Randa Vissman

    Every time I leave a comment I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Many thanks!

  64. harsath

    I purcharse mts mblaze modem two month ago how to hack using free internet mts plans are very costly so i connot recharge modem zte model AC2746 help me please

  65. Dreamon

    Hi Guys

    I live in Bangalore. I am using MTS Mblaze for past 1.2 years. Using the technique mentioned here I was able to download total of 293 GB in 2 months using utorrent software.
    But from my last recharge it is not working.

    Hope it might work for you.

  66. Sudipto

    Please leave a comment for me….how to use mts mblaze for free even if the limited memory is finished….i dont know how to hack pls answer my query!! hoping for a good answer….

  67. MTS Customer Service India

    Dear All,

    We would like to inform you to not to trust any unauthorized communication related to unlocking of any MTS branded device from any blogs/ websites as this may corrupt your Device / Computer.

    MTS, takes no responsibility for the damage caused as a result of relaying on the content of such blogs/ websites and any tempering with the device software or hardware. Appropriate troubleshooting steps are mentioned in our website

    We assure you, we would take necessary stringent measures for the owners who are promoting such unauthorized misleading communication.

    MTS Customer Service India

  68. Lakshman Biswasq

    I cannot check my MTS balance and phone number. How can I do that? Please help.

  69. rajkumar

    PLZZ tall me

  70. satya k

    What this guy is saying is absolutely correct. It actually worked for me a while back. I actually downloaded 5 gb in those last hours. And fortunately it lasted for 24 hrs after the validity. That too full speed. infact never before. If it didn’t worked for few, It doesn’t mean this guy is fake. It truly wrkd for me.
    Thanx bro

  71. tyson

    hey guys, this is the latest working trick of mts mblaze . First connect your pc with nokia pc suite through ota connection , you must have some internet balance on your phone to make this trick work. Browse for some time and later connect your mts mblaze and continue browsing till your upload /download data is visible on mts statistics . Afterwards,disconnect your ota connection and now continue your browsing with mts mblaze. Note that you must be a prepaid user and your balance must be zero

  72. ritesha

    friends this trick is quite handy and it works but now port 80 is open on mts mblaze so just go to your proxy settings and type proxy = port= 80 and you are done proxy settings can be found in internet options there double click on the name of your connection and configure manuel proxy

  73. chu cha

    Dear Machu Terimaki Service MTS customer service first of all solve the problem of customer then think about what blogs are doing.
    Cheater Machu Terimaki MTS
    Opted a 3.1mbps plan @999 now getting speed of 5 kbps in delhi what the fcuk


    There are only some tricks which works but time to time they get blocked by company.If you use them on time then you are lucky…….


    Its not easy guyzzz…….only some tricks works and after some time it get blocked by company

  76. jkk

    MTS by itself is a crap….even after paying you dont get even 2G speed. Forget the so called unlimited plan.
    The plans are costly and useless!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi MTS team…wake up….pls

  77. Roy

    This shit works but this is not the actuall way to do can browse for free if you do some alteration on your dongle.

  78. kishor

    How to MTS MBlaze Hacks for Free Internet Without Recharge

    please information

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