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3 responses to “Increase Buffering Speed Of Streaming Videos”

  1. Pallab

    Erm..this is a fake tweak.

    Myth – “Adding (made up command) = (imaginary number) to the System.ini or Win.ini file improves performance.”

    Reality – “ALL System.ini and Win.ini so-called “Tweaks” are made up nonsense. They include made up commands that do not exist followed by imaginary settings – thus doing absolutely nothing. The System.ini and Win.ini files are provided in Windows XP for backward compatibility with 16-bit (MS-DOS, Windows 3.x) applications. They have no effect on any Windows XP settings or 32-bit applications which are stored in the Registry.”

    If you want to improve youtube speed use something like SpeedBit Video Accelerator. They work like dload manager – they split up the files and load them simultaneously this making better use of your bandwidth. Obviously the video wont load any faster than your internet connection speed. I had reviewed it earlier for my blog and it really did work.
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  2. Custom term paper

    so the streaming of videos cannot be increased right :)

    i liked that time plugin in your blogs sidebar, i would like to have one on my blog too. can u share how to get it ?
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  3. Mike K.

    Perhaps I am mistaken, but doesn’t this recommendation originate from a suggestion from microsoft support themselves? Why would they recommend for a clearly non-msdos problem, if msdos programs are the only ones effected by system.ini?

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