Where the hell is the Admin of this Blog

Well, I have been a very irresponsible blogger at Techarraz. Not posting for so many days is not something I really intended to do, but something I could not really help.
I give priority to becoming a web-content author over making a blog for myself. That is the way I think! To me, that means posting over the Internet regularly, be it my blog or another.
So when I am not blogging at Techarraz, you can find me at these blogs:

Techie Buzz


Techie Buzz is an Indian startup, a tech blog with a readers base well over 5000 and a group of authors writing on topics ranging from Linux to Gadgets, Cellphones, Windows hacks and tweaks, Software and awesome Web-apps to dirty cheap deals and breaking news.
Techie-Buzz has been accepted as an official Google News source and is also a part of the reputed 9 Rules network. Techie Buzz has featured on TuxRadar, Techmeme and  Huffington post. Need I say more?
At Techie Buzz, I am one of the Linux authors. You can see my posts at techie-buzz via this link:
Chinmoy Kanjilal’s Posts on Techie Buzz
Do not forget to visit Techie Buzz.com



Lostintechnology is a tech blog with experienced authors from the blogosphere. Lostintechnology specializes in software and web-services and brings you the best that is out there. At Lostintech, you will see a good number of detailed posts on everything you need to know about a software.
I write about software and web-services at Lostintech. you can see my posts at Lostintech via this link:
Chinmoy Kanjilal’s Posts on Lostintechnology
Do not forget to visit lostintechnology.com

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Chinmoy Kanjilal, the admin at Techarraz is a programmer and a technology, Linux and web2.0 enthusiast and evangelist from India. He has a fondness for intriguing software products, hardware hacks and anything Android. Connect with him on Google+.

3 responses to “Where the hell is the Admin of this Blog”

  1. TechFreak

    Is this means you will not post content here from now wards?

  2. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    I am regular reader at techie-buzz which is well known for its news and how to guides.. will check out lost in technology

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