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40 responses to “The Sikkim Manipal Institute Of Technology Uprising : Chronological Order”

  1. Pallab

    Well done. You have pieced together the entire puzzle brilliantly.
    .-= Pallab´s last blog ..Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology : Hell Breaks Loose =-.

  2. gyansap

    really.. an impressive script you have made here. but i am not impressed…..why? because

    1) The education minister of sikkim is a male and not a female.
    2) the guy you talkin about is a Bhutia and the education minister happens to be a Pradhan
    follow this link
    3) not the sikkimese but the biharis are famous for their this attitude all over
    mumbai, assam, delhi.
    4) if the locals had hauled as you have mentioned with kitchen knives and that stuffs
    then instead of jotting this you’d probably be in an I.C.U.
    5) as you mentioned here, if the locals people and local henchmen had gathered to
    bruise the non-locals,then why would they be behind the police with full protection.
    my child,they were behind the police because then locals were the victims there.
    5) “the aftermath” picture that you have put is a mess that your non-locals created in
    this peaceful state.
    6) this guerilla, goons stuffs exists in your state, so kindly don’t label that with Sikkim.
    7) and lastly as you people are good in politicis makin a point of assam and trying to
    gain sympathy. all you did here was type rubbish but trust me you could become a
    Fictional writer.

  3. Raj(badboy)

    This is a bad case yaar…..hope everything returns to normal…..

  4. Ex-Smitian


    I want to state certain facts that you got entirely wrong in this report .
    1) The education minister of Sikkim is a male by the name of Mr. N.K.Pradhan and therefore “he” could not have been a “mother” to Kunga character.
    2) Sikkim does not have a contingent of RAF.
    3) The local news channel aired the video footage of SAF lathi charging the local majitar residents and some local student, your imaginary views on the local media showing non-locals agitating is way off the recorded fact.

    This makes me question your credibility, if you want the situation in the college to normalise all the students should unite and talk out your problems instead of giving communal colour to the incident. Anybody reading your report would naturally put the blame on the local students who actually are at the same position as you are in.

  5. Rentzen

    did we treat you this horribly..??
    you know shit man…you are a TRUE BIHARI…i can just know whatever you have written is not what exactly happened because heres a new flash for youbuddy..YOU WERE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WITNESSED THE ENTIRE THING..”and if you give a lame excuse like ‘it was to the best of my knowledge..” you are the most idiotic living creature i have ever come across…i feel sorry for you..!!

  6. Amit R

    What is ur ulterior motive? ..Trying to project the localities in bad light..We have lived there in SMIT for 4 years but we never had any problem..basically they are people who are non-political unlike us,,,,,

    call us , Bongs,,,Best or worst because we can mislead the world by writing….!!I also have brother there studying…but ur write up does not give the full view of crises.

  7. Kunal

    say something?

    Who will get angry first?
    Locals Students..

    Who is Sida Sada ?
    Locals students

    Who is minority?
    Locals students

    Who knows no politics?
    Local students

    who is tarnished?
    local students

    Note: Just because local students are minority in college …and u try to fuck those innocent people wont he resist that too in his own place…Common man we never had problem in SMIT back then with Local students…but we had problems with some teachers…Believe me they are one of the nicest citizen of our country..neat clean in thoughts and actions..but can be angry if u play with fire….U can’t fight one to one u go mob way beating hapless individual..

  8. Amit Kumar

    Very sad incident.

  9. akash

    Dear it was not amitav ray…….its Amit roy of ME dept the newly appointed warden under the chief warden G,C mishra

  10. supreksha

    am from sikkim but lived in bangalore for 8 yrs and now am studying in kolkata…its been a yr. i want to say i have faced situation like this from the non-chinkies(i wonder who gave this wonderful name?)and its really disturbing to go thru’ these communalism…and a thing i have realised is its really hard to live in another state or country for that matter without being bullied or being called names which is soo not right. should i be angry right now?? no i choose not to.its not going to solve probs.
    we should all learn a lesson here… an eye for an eye will turn the whole world blind.lets respect each other
    peace take care…sikkim is for eóne as india is for eóne

  11. Suvajyoti Ghosh

    This is nothing new for SMIT. Something similar, though much more dispersed happened in 2002 when I was at the college. The college was shut down for 15 days. The administration is incapable of being just or holding their ground. They bow down to political pressure or just the anticipation of any political pressure.

    In a state like Sikkim, where communal feelings can deter state development and severely damage any progress of the state in terms of multi-cultural acceptance/openness, incidents like these are a beacon to everyone who calls themselves Sikkimese.

    I hope the people of Sikkim learn lessons from incidents like these and accept facts and what is right or wrong and be fair even if the college administration/ police/politicians remain biased to local sentiments. We need people to be culturally open and fair in making decisions and not get carried away by local/communal sentiments. Otherwise, we will just be as close to extinction as far as evolution goes.

    Good job in posting the facts. I hope you have given us an unbiased picture of what is currently happening.

  12. siba

    This is not the first time that SMIT is experiencing a communal right. Even in the year 2002, we had the same kind of communal right.
    That time it was Bihari student vs Local and North East guys.
    Actually SMIT Management / Adminstration become helpless when it comes to deal with the Sikkim local Guys.
    SMIT should take some steps to avoid such circumstances in future.

  13. arun

    hi … i belong to sikkim but i have gone outside for my further studies…to the places like delhi…it is not uncommon for us being treated as an alien…i had so many fights with the locals…got bruised and sometimes came out winner…i know the ins and out. people from other states are as good when they are in minority.
    while in college i had to pass through bengal,bihar and up and i know how they treat us when they are in majority.
    we believe in harmony but do not at all take our silence as weakness.
    please do not let assam,mumbai episode to be repeated here.
    P.S we were much happier when there’s no migration.

  14. popeye

    we are not the people of the state where you kill people for stealing buffaloes….
    I hope this is enough to prove all the credential mentioned.

  15. popeye

    those carrying lathi and knives are non locals…you can clearly see in the first picture.

  16. fuck chinkis

    chinmoy,u have given a brilliant and vivid account of the incidents.i have no doubt on the authenticity of ur report. being an ex student of smit,i have seen the bigotry nature of the locals against the non local students.the locals of sikkim are well known for their fat headedness,they resort to violence even without any instigation.

    all the fucking bloggers of sikkim who wrote against u must be the is this nature of them due to which they are beaten up and raped in other parts of india.the non local people are just returning the favour when they find any motherfucking chinku outside sikkim.

  17. Rakesh Nandan "BOND"

    welldone chinmoy you have done a nice job.

  18. Prabi

    Well i m a student of SMIT and all i want to tell is that our demand was to rustricate kunga and leave the 3 non local guys from the jail to let them seek medical help….

    I personally feel that Sikkim is a very peaceful state…. Even after this incident i wouldn’t change my view tabout the sikkm people as a whole…..
    I admit the local student does some type of bullying to the non locals…. which even i have faced it…. and i, to some extent support it coz its there own state… and every human being has a greed for power in their own land….. but what kunga was doin was totally wrong…. and i dont support his cause….

    Now lets get to the starting of this incident….
    According to my knowledge… it was Ujjwal who used some filthy comments to the other one first…. its natural to become aggressive….
    But again beatin in front of Kamal Thakur and other faculty members were also not justified…

    Lastly i want to advise both the locals and the non locals to avoid such incidents happening in the near future by compromise, understanding, and cooperating with each other…
    Let peace prevail in SMIT……

  19. Pinaki

    chinmoy I knw u have done a brilliant job ….. of explaining the events and those baties (locals) don’t have that simple brain and commenting recklessly . but I must add in our batch we don’t have tat problem …….. but this has been the problem for the institute for years……
    .-= Pinaki ´s last blog ..starting =-.

  20. exsmitian2008(non localite)

    I am ashamed to know such thing happnd in cllg . I seriously believe that you can not clap with one hand so stop trying to protect non local students who i am sure were equally responsible. This article is only spreading more hatred among students. We have lived there too for 4 years we know how non localites behave. Everyone is equally responsible and if this cllg was situated in assam or bihar or u.p the same thing would have happnd with local students bringing gundas. Stop being idiot.

  21. Ex -SMITTIAN

    I am an ex-smitian of 2005 batch and busy with my work after the 4 years in SMIT- the best ever college which u will alwayz remeber once u come out. But today I am really upset. I can assure you guyz that this scuffle between the locals and boarders is a long history and every batch has witnessed a sikkimise hero in its time, starting from the times of legendary vishal buddha, tashi domrul bhutia to the new clan of KUNGA. Back in 2002 and 2005 we have witnessed similiar situations for Police and outrage if u go past.And those who are defending their state are not sure about what they are saying. Claiming or debating on the mother and father of Kunga and defending him is not the solution, you as a youth of state should come forward to resolve the issues and pay respect to humanity. Do you think that all the people in the college are worthy to be beaten up, i saw one fine gentleman commenting that “Do I scare you chinmoy”. Do you know what wanna see what fear is. Come down those hills my friend, we will show you what fear is as your legends, who were beaten up in multiple cities once they were exposed. Why is that the Sikkim people can never interact with other groups in the college since its inception, why is that their is always two classifications- Sikkimese and Non -Sikkimese in the institute..the reason is not far to fetch..u are comfortable in the small acres you are and dont want to compete, who of your legends could rank top the charts in the history of the college. If its you state and your college that you boast why are u turning it into a brothel and crowing the pimp as a hero..guyz its time to be honest to yourself…wake up and make the difference…dont forget that your little village Majitar has been turned into a city because of these guyz, ur revenue and food is dependent on our visits and if that is will u survive…so wake up and think some thought out of your swealed heads…..and chinmoy..hats off to you…

  22. gopal

    Me, an ex-student of SMIT know how the hostel staff support the local students & looks always differently to the non local students. we suffers a lot. There was not any search in the rooms of the local students. I have seen that fellow KUNGA…… seems to be the DON of SMIT always in a mood to fight. Last year he threats some of the MBA final year students just to end up…………… just imagine how a 1st year student can threat to a final year Master student. Every one know him every faculty also but all r quite.and nothing will happen to him we all know. This thing will take time to cool down. Because this time all students rise up to protest. Previously lots of kunga comes & gone no 1 there to stop them because students r not united………….but now scenareo is different.
    Its truly a rising in SMIT.

  23. non localite and a proud smitian

    kudos to chinmoy for daring to post the truth he knows.why are local guys kind of threatining him.he posted wt he knew and wt he saw.and there is a lot of truth into tht.and mind u chinmoy is no bihari and this time all the non localites wheter bihari ,assamese ,bengalis or delhieits were up against just one so called localite the most hated kunga aka kinza.wt we were demanding is his restication and nothing more.even the nepali guys have problems with him,it was kunga tht gave it all a communal colour to save his ass.and after all how can i not comment on our beloved director dear mr. suvareddy the administrtaion for there incompetence in solving the matter peacefully .according to me we should rather unite (i.e locals ans non-locals) to fight against the incompetent administration which is quick enough to remove basic facilities like lan and suspend students in the name of sharing porn rather than acting against real culprits involving in violent incidents
    i wish to get a reply from any of the locals ,wheter they really support kunga or they r with him because it has got a communal colour .chinmoy no need to worry ,continue with ur good job .

  24. cool

    faculties like Ajay Kumar of EC should be held responsible for instigating the mob which led to arson.He should be put to task.

  25. Not important

    its so sad that people are yet to feel friendly to each other, the smallest of arguments lead to the biggest of chaos. keeping everything aside, hostility towards one another arise from pre conceived notions of inferiority/superiority, and the fact is no one is above another, all are brothers and being together to walk together in a path towards a better life. anger always arises from fear within, and the fear from what u conceive about urself and draw parrallisms to others. its importna tthat peace should be restored to all who have gone through this trauma in an educational environment which was lost of its purpose.

  26. tupssi

    all communal people should be banned from SMIT……….
    especially preference for locals should immediately be stopped………….

  27. Sourish Nath

    Hey ,
    NIce information.
    .-= Sourish Nath´s last blog ..Take Screenshot of your Nokia Phone =-.

  28. Animesh

    It was really entertaining reading all the comments. Hey Chini, try getting a bodyguard the next time you get back to college.
    Anyways the update 6 was hilarious. And the most humorous thing about it is, that it is true!
    .-= Animesh´s last blog Porn Free Search Engine =-.

  29. PEACE...

    to all d peopl who have commnted on the recnt happenings at smit…………
    ds ne body notices that the authorities hve nothn 2 say in all dis chaos..y isnt nebdy questionin dem?…..i m not at all political so my views are completely on humanitarian grounds……dr r so mny of my frnds among localites or non localits…..n so ds odrs,y such rifts?..if dr r 2 diffrnt individuals, dr hs 2 b differences n arguemnts regardn everythn …i will never blame eidr d locals or d non-locals..if dis hs happnd in bengal or bihar or assam,will d majority sit back to let dr own peopl being bullied by outsiders?….Bt its the responsibility of the authorities to bring back the decorum.they shd take step to prevnt sch activities….2 m knwlegd dis is d secnd such incidnt…if steps r nt takn 2 prevnt such clashes,,dr will b frequent outbursts among studnts……….callin it as communal n involvin politics is just a way adoptd by the college management to flee 4m their responsibilities…..
    i hope v hv a bettr managemnt nxt time such chaos occurs…

  30. Chandan

    hey frens….reely srry bout th incident….n plzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop all communal toks….we all knw dat there were mistakes from both sides…so u cant put th blame on one side…plzz th country has already seen way tooooo many partitions…..let us all b indians and not sikkimese/assamese /bihari…..we shudnt fight within ourselves bt shud unite n stnd up for rights like th obh lan and against many other nonsense rules tht th college keeps coming out with….violence is not th solution guys…it ruins one’s wisdom ….see wat happnd to th recreation room!!!! now where in smit are u gonna watch ur champions trophy or epl .or th list goes on……do u think the administration is gonna provide us wid new tv, tt / billiards boards or th gym instruments….guys smit is our home…n we are all brothers….i knw th administrative staff who should be th parents do not take a good care so th least we can do is help each other to make our 4yrs stay here in college a joyful, full of fun experience…i dont like watchin my bros fight…we already shed too much blood playin cs ;)…..plzz guys try n remmbr th line frm our student’s pledge- all indians are my bros………(leavin th rest for u ;) )…. we r guys of 20-21 not here to fight or discriminate regionally….we are here to get creative and lead our country to a stage wer it can finally be called a developd 1…its not gonna b possible if we keep such narrow minds…lots to write bt not enuff time……i jst hope tht all my bros laugh at their foolishness and gt bak to college n live as proud 1.INDIAN 2.SMITstudents ….guys sumthin needs to be done bout th obh lan ….plzzzzz….hehe…luv u all…

  31. Rahul

    Guys, this is India, and every freaking engineering college in India goes and has gone through this. Every engineering college will have some problem like this one. Even in school, the bullies were always there, there were always fights, there were always parents coming in to protect their kids. Only difference between them and this one is that it has been given a communal color by those who wished to extract the maximum out of it. That is what I feel.

    Ask your colleagues from India – even REC’s have this local/non-local fights. Arrey in Bangalore and all top colleges of Karnataka it happens, and I’ve heard my colleagues speak about it. It’s just that here it’s been happening for so long that people have got used to it. In Sikkim, it’s a relatively new thing and that’s why the hoo-ha, if you ask me.

    I’m sure if I’d gone for engineering in Bhopal (where I almost joined), then I’d have faced a torrent of slaps and abuses from the locals/seniors there. If the Bihari students in SMIT were in an engineering college in Bihar, then I’m sure that they’d have been the bosses there. Don’t you agree?

    And most of this stuff of fights and local/non-local gets over in students by the time they reach 3rd year, when studies takes priority. That is when a teeny weeny bit of maturity sinks in, I feel. Well, it happened to our batch. Now when I look back, it was all just a rush of adrenaline, nothing more. And yeah, I do regret a lot of stuff.

    LOL – no idea why I wrote such a long one here. Anyways, no offense guys. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    Peace out.

  32. smit_2006

    well i am 2006 passout.
    well am not surprised to read this as in my tenture too similar thing happened in 2002,2003.and repeated in 2006 or 2007 also after my passout.

    Yes i agree and we all know there r 3 main factors for this :
    1) college management won’t do anything concrete atmost will change the Director and Hostel Supretendent (as they earlier did)

    2) Ego problem with both Locals and Bihari group.
    Locals live western style ,feel proud,don’t talk much

    While bihari live like rural Indian type,always roam in groups and make comments and try to get themself in everything

    3) Teachers(both local and Bihari) and local staff including mess staff with do partiality and try to bring racialism indirectly.

    And I read various blogs ,one favouring Bihari while other favouring local.
    The truth is there r good and bad in both the groups.

    Bottomline : WHO suffers ??
    College / Management : Not even 1% (next year it will again be a housefull of admission), faculty is getting experience atmost they will move to some other college
    if situation got worse

    Director / Hostel Supretendent / Hostel Warden : will get transferred to some other location or will get a handsome perk for their resignation and in college it will be announced that they are fired.Moreover they are retired people even if they r fired do u think the care !!!

    Student : only the major culprit will be fired from college rest will get warning letter which most of them will throw within a week
    Placement,examinaton all will took place .though placement for current final year student may not took place.

    so question is does anyone suffers :
    Students : for most of them who r not involved,its a vacation for them

    But the one who were not involved in this and got hurted ,its a psychological trama to them and also to the Parents of those students who are not very rich and are somehow managing huge fees for the kids courses.

  33. Ragnath Singh

    Just to introduce myself I had passed out from MIT Manipal more than 25 years ago. I was just searching under MIT and I looked up the major issue that had arisen at your college. I hopefully have a independent view and think of the whole humanity as being one. Similar diffrent incidents had happened at our college due to diffrent reasons, and in the end Police firng also took place in which a student from Karnataka died, 1 student from Andra Pradesh got paralysed, and nearly five more students from all over India got injured. There was no distinction among us and to this day lots of us from that period still remember how we had cried and are still trying to understand them. The incidents just kept spiralling out of control. I know some students join colleges for wrong reasons and sometimes the administration also fails. Sometimes the administration out of fear of the students can aggravate the situation. We ex-MIT’ians from Manipal now meet every year, travel from all over the world to meet each other, go to each others childrens weddings to all parts of India. I would beg all of you to sink your differences, study hard, become good Indians and human beings. Life is a struggle as it is. God bless all. Raghu

  34. Yash

    Well written.. pics favor chinmoy and me too..!!!

  35. Bganeriwal

    hi friend,
    i am asking a question that is SMIT college is good for MBA and campus comes or not plz relpy me sir in my emain id ie.

  36. Bajaj Sagarika

    this people of sikkim r a kind of looser who dont hav te quality nor te brain to perform only thing they can do is look at te outsiders n learn how thing r done in any field of job…………..rater than to be jealous of the outsiders

  37. Gourav

    SMIT is the place of ALL CORRUPTED peoples. You know, Admission comittee Chairman Vinod Kumar Sayal is a full corrupted person. All the M.Sc (Physics) students know him as a killer…He intensionaly make the situation to fail the students…and ask money from them to pass…Never ever send any students in SMIT…Most of their Master's degree are valueless…In the Interview board, when they come to know about SMIT, they don't give any value to the candidates….They know the poor quality of the teachers of SMIT…

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