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10 responses to “A Drill Down Of 3G in India, Looking For the Best 3G Internet Service”

  1. Pallab

    Unlimited plan from BSNL is at Rs. 3000.

    Nope. That is 35 GB.

  2. Sourish

    Rs 3000 for UL OMG … im using EVDO . 720 Rs all unlimited . upto 2Mbps . :)


    1. Bubai

      Sourish r u frm kolkata???????

      If u r plz give me the bsnl exchange address frm whr i can buy evdo..

  3. vishal

    i m using tata docomo 2G but i m looking for 3G which subscriber i choose .tell me in detail with plans,cost,urgent.

  4. Pankaj

    BSNL no Activation fees, Optional SIM with extra memory =
    FRC Rs. 51 with 1GB per month for two months free,
    then 1 GB for Rs. 400 validity one month, usage after free usage 2 paisa per 10 kb.

  5. Pankaj

    i have choosed BSNL after having taste of airtel and others. No other operator is offering free bies with activation and usage charges after free usage is vwery high in other operator and BSNL with less than one third of others ie., 2 paisa per 10 KB …….. Kudos to BSNL.

  6. Chirrag Dodiya

    Hey everyone,
    What do you think About Vodafone 3g .. Their unlimited plans start from 599 rs.
    Does anyone here knows what will be the speed ..
    Or had any experience with it ..
    Please let me know …

  7. mahendra

    speed not good

  8. $#r!K@nT

    can anybody plz tell me how to transfer bsnl evdo postpaid to prepaid ?

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